-- TIR-W Volume 9 no. 2 July 2008 Instruments and Playable Text: Stuart Moulthrop
    Under Language: Stuart Moulthrop
    Concerto for Narrative Data: Judy Malloy
    activeReader: Elizabeth Knipe
    So Random, PiTP: Shawn Rider
    riverIslandQT: John Cayley
    The Purpling: Nick Montfort

-- TIR-W Volume 9 no. 1 August 2007
    Multi-Modal Coding: Jason Nelson, Donna Leishman, and Electronic Writing
    Interviews: Jason Nelson, Donna Leishman
      Biographical Background
      Reception | Role of the Reader
      Work Process
      Electronic Literature Community
      Future Work
      Space | State
      Connect Digital | Material Games
      Potentials of the Field
      The Artists on Each Other's Work
      Talan Memmott's Commentary on Each Artist
      Leishman Site
      Pandemic Rooms
      Nelson Index

-- TIR-W, Volume 8 no. 3, September 2006
    Interview with Dan Waber; Rita Raley
    five by five; Dan Waber bio and Jason Pimble
    TLT vs. LL; Ted Warnell
    Interview with David Knoebel; Rita Raley
    Heart Pole; David Knoebe
    Interview with Aya Karpinska; Rita Raley
    mar puro; Aya Karpinska
    The Nihilanth: Immersivity in a First-Person Gaming Mod; Sandy Baldwin
    New Word Order (Video);Sandy Baldwin
    Word Museum;William Gillespie
    Interview with John Cayley; Sandy Rita Raley
    Torus (Video); John Cayley

-- TIR-W, Volume 8, no. 2, June/July 2006
    Editor's Introduction: Reconfiguring Place and Space in New Media Writing;     Scott Rettberg
    Workspace is Mediaspace is Cityscape: An Interview with Nick Montfort on Book and Volume; Jeremy Douglass
    Written on the Body: An Interview with Shelley Jackson; Scott Rettberg
    Behind Fa ade: An Interview with Andrew Stern and Michael Mateas; Brenda Bakker Harger
    Avant-Gaming: An Interview with Jane McGonigal; Scott Rettberg
    Book and Volume; Nick Montfort
    Fa ade; Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern

-- TIR-W, Volume 8, no. 1, February/March 2006
    Editor's Introduction; Ben Basan
    Sound Art, Art, Music; Douglas Kahn
    Speaking Volumes; Brandon Labelle
    Firebirds | Firebirds Berlin | Tongues of Fire; Paul DeMarinis
    A Brief Lecture on Author/ity; Alexis Bhagat
    Harvester; Ed Osborn
    Honi | Tacotsubo; ADACHI Tomomi

-- TIR-W, Volume 7, no. 2, November 2005
    10:01; Lance Olsen & Tim Guthrie
    Pieces of Herself; Juliet Davis
    The Bomar Gene; Jason Nelson
    News from Erewhon; Millie Niss & Martha Deed

-- TIR-W, Volume 7, no. 1, August 2005
    Ask me for the moon; John Zuern
    Buyways: Billboards, Automobiles, and the American Landscape; Mike Chasar
    An interview with Diana Slattery; Dene Grigar

-- TIR-W, Volume 6, 2004
    New Work; Niss, Deed & Daniels
    Two Reviews; Tevis Thompson and Mike Chasar
    Remembering Donald Justice; Steven Cramer
    An interview & new work; David Silver, Jay David Bolter and Diane Gromala
    An interview with Amy Sara Carroll; Heidi Bean

-- TIR-W, Volume 5, 2003
    Afterwards; Judy Malloy
    Digital Nature: the Case Collection version 2.0; Tal Halpern, Patrick F. Walter
    Hacktivism? I didn't know the term existed before I did it; An Interview with Brian Kim Stefans; Giselle Beiguelman
    Pax & An Interview; Stuart Moulthrop and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
    An Interview with Margaret Stratton; Leslie Roberts
    New Work & Reviews; Heidi Bean, Seth Thompson, Deena Larsen, geniwate, Pamela Gay
    An Interview with John Cayley; Brian Kim Stefans
    3 Proposals for Bottle Imps; William Poundstone
    Self Portrait(s) [as Other(s)] & an Interview; Talan Memmott and M.D. Coverley
    New work and an interview; Joseph Tabbi and Anthony Enns
    Judd Morrissey & Lori Talley: An Interview & Essay; Jessica Pressman

-- TIR-W, Volume 4, 2002
    Selected new poems; Ana Marie Uribe
    Dervish Flowers; Nicolas Clausse and Brian Kim Stefans
    New Digital Emblems; William Poundstone and Brian Kim Stefans
    "Of Dolls and Monsters" An interview with Shelley Jackson; Rita Raley
    Electronic Literature; Ravi Shankar, N. Kathrine Hayles, and Lisa Gitelman
    Excerps from Mark Amerika's Oz Blog; Mark Amerika
    Inflat-o-space; Jessica Irish
    New Media Writing; Marc C. Marino, William Gillespie, and Dirk Stratton
    Remembering My Life In/Of Words; Richard Kostelanetz
    An Interview, an Essay, a New Media Project; Stephanie Strickland and Jaishree Odin
    Our day with Jerry Springer; David Schneidermann
    A loss is less and death is not so easy
    Experiemental Literature was really the first kick: An interview with Scanner; Rebekah Farrugia
    Crowds and Power; Jody Zellen and Thom Swiss
    "Red, Black, White and Gray:" An Interview with Motomichi Nakamura;
      YOUNG HAE CHANG HEaVY INDUSTRIES Bcc, Motomichi Makamura

-- TIR-W, Volume 3, 2001
    Reach; Michael Joyce
    Training Missions; Joe Amato
    Everything after That; Martha Conway
    Winter Break; Adrienne Eisen
    -][select][test: co][deP][1][oetry]_; mez
    The Impermanence Agent; Noah Wardrip-Fruin, a.c.chapman, Brion Moss, Duane Whitehurst
    A Long Wild Smile; Jeff Parker

-- TIR-W, Volume 1, 1999 & Volume 2, 2000
    Book of Job; Ted Warnell
    The Universal Resource Locator; M.D. Coverly
    Lexia to Perplexia; Talan Memmott
    The Birth of Detachment; Jennifer Ley
    The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project; Brad Brace
    City of Bits; Thomas Swiss
    Divine Mind Fragment Theater; Jim Andrews
    Pronunciation: 'fut, or: A Tool and it's Means; c. allan dinsmore
    Simple Harmonic Motion Or, Josephine Baker in the Time Capsule; Diane Greco
    Reality Dreams, Scroll One; Joel Weishaus
    Broken; Alan Sondheim and Barry Smylie
    Mitosis; Kevin Fanning
    The dear mr thomas letters; Kevin Fanning
    A Fable of Words; Jeffery M. Bochman

TIR-W Volume 9 no. 1
Multi-Modal Coding: Jason Nelson, Donna Leishman, and Electronic Writing


Literary hypertext and hypermedia have been made for 15 years with a wide variety of development systems. When the ELO curated its first Electronic Literature Collection in 2006, in an open call for works, the 60 selected were made in some 10 different development systems, from HTML to VRML.

Who is in this game, and how do we draw in new readers and players? Our featured artists answer this question in our interviews.

In a world that challenges (and sometimes defeats) writers with its constantly multiplying means, we chose to focus this issue of TIRWeb on two committed long-time practitioners. Donna Leishman, coming from both a fine arts and commercial background, creates finely wrought narrative based on folkloric or historic myth, using very few words. Jason Nelson, coming from a print MFA program and self-taught in software, creates poetical/fictionary "creatures" in great numbers, many of whom use text he has written or appropriated, while others focus on screen morphology or interface, as if "interface" were itself the real "critter" at issue.

For all their differences, much unites them:

Both have a mature body of work, and both are known for work that is challenging in structure and technique.

Both work primarily in Flash, one of the most widely used development systems. Not only do they make very different uses of this software, but each subverts the cliches often associated with its commercial use.

Both are articulate, in very different ways—as the interviews show—about their process.

Both work alone, even though many who practice e-lit work collaboratively.

Both have become multi-modal artists, image and sound and code and text and drawing and video and design all swirled together in their minds and in their born-electronic practice.

Finally, both draw on popular culture for their themes, although "classically" trained.

Donna Leishman, in preparing her PhD dissertation [http://www.6amhoover.com/viva/chapter_two/index.htm#pos21] on Deviant invited 11 expert readers to assess it. She analyzes their responses, showing us the semantic and critical wrestling, the varied sorts of acumen, brought to a new and highly disparate field in the very early stages of its consolidation. We have invited Talan Memmott, himself a prizewinning and highly esteemed producer of literary hypermedia in Flash, to comment in depth on two of our featured works, Deviant and This Is How You Will Die. We have also asked Jason (Nelson on Leishman's Deviant) and Donna (Leishman on Two of Nelson's Works) to respond to each other's work.

We want to refer you as well to Donna's site where a wealth of analysis and commentary exists together with her recountings of Red Riding Hood and Bluebeard, as well as newer works. And we are happy to have persuaded Jason to make a visual index to his oeuvre-to-date. Bookmark this link!

We know you will enjoy work of such fertility and commitment. We think that the issues Donna and Jason raise, of how to name and how to make; how to acquire a digital grammar and work natively within digital media; and how to think about multi-state environments and multi-modes, are those that the e-lit field will be engaged with for years to come.

--Stephanie Strickland
--Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink

We're delighted and honored to launch the new issue of The Iowa Review Web [TIR-W], guest edited by Stephanie Strickland and Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink. We thank them and the contributing artists and writers for their time and expertise in producing the issue.

TIR-W is sponsored by The University of Iowa Graduate College and POROI, the Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry, and the Department of English. TIR-W is currently housed in the Virtual Writing University Experimental Wing.

Publishing electronic literature since 1999, TIR-W is well-known for its commitment to new writing, encouraging the investigation of text and hypertext in theory and practice at their deepest levels.

The journal continues to feature interviews with innovative writers, critical articles and essays, as complements to its featured hypertext projects.

As part of our newly redesigned journal past issues are now searchable by title, author, and author information.

Writers and artists interested in having your work considered are encouraged to send a query email. Please include relevant autobiographical information and a brief description of your work in general; information about the work you would like to submit to TIR-W, including, when appropriate, the URL of the work.

August 2007

Jon Winet, Editor
Charisse Madlock-Brown, Production Coordinator
, Assistant Editor
Aaron Brandt, Design Contributor

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