Book and Volume

by Nick Montfort

Web Edition/Preview


Wait for text to appear below. Click in the box to give focus to the applet. You can then type to interact.

This Web edition of Book and Volume is is enabled by Matthew Russotto's ZPlet interpreter. This offers a quick idea of what this interactive fiction is like. Downloading the story file and an interpreter (outside The Iowa Review Web) is the only real way to engage with Book and Volume.

  • SAVE, RESTORE, and TRANSCRIPT do not work (as far as I can tell) in the Web edition. Specifically, this means the "R" menu option at the beginning, to a restore a previous session, will not work.
  • In some browsers, at some times, some or all of the text on the first screen may not appear. You may still be able to press "B" to begin, this problem only seems to affect the initial display of text.