ARCHIVES 1999-2000
Ted Warnell
Book of Job
1 November 2000
M.D. Coverley
The Universal Resource Locator
1 October 2000

Maps of the Russian Earth

Talan Memmott
Lexia to Perplexia
1 September 2000

Hypermediation / Ideoscope

Jennifer Ley
The Birth of Detachment
1 August 2000

Never Far from the Original Emergence...

Brad Brace
The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project
1 July 2000

Classic Hypermodern Imagery... posted/mailed every 12 hours...

Thomas Swiss
City of Bits
1 June 2000
graphics by Skye Giordano

Downtown doesn't feel right any more: it stinks.

Jim Andrews
Divine Mind Fragment Theater
15 May 2000
Stirfry Text

These writers practice Indeed, the reason Why, he asks

c. allan dinsmore
Pronunciation:'fut, or: A Tool and it's Means
15 April 2000


Diane Greco
Simple Harmonic Motion
Or, Josephine Baker in the Time Capsule

1 April 2000

Yes! We have no bananas! We have no bananas today!

Joel Weishaus
Reality Dreams, Scroll One
18 March 2000

Was "the Hollywood Swami" I saw one night ... the same one who was Mircea Eliade's guru in India forty years before?

Alan Sondheim
and Barry Smylie

Flash animation
02 March 2000

The beautiful Russian ballet dancer Nikuko pirouettes in private for Doctor Leopold Konninger.

Kevin Fanning
The dear mr thomas letters
Hypertext and images
02 March 2000

dear mr thomas / did you notice all / the / rocks in the drive way were allgonell...

Jeffery M. Bockman
A Fable of Words
March 2000

M.D. Coverley
Endless Suburbs
Hypertext animation
08 October 1999

"Is Something Going Wrong with this Machine?"

Robert Kendall
Frame Work
A hypertext poem
26 May 1999

Sight...a windowing environment.

Edward Falco
Self-Portrait as Child with Father
Hypertext with images
26 March 1999

The musty-smelling always-dark closet was my favorite hiding place.

Deena Larsen
Ferris Wheels
2 February 1999

It's the Taste of Colorado.



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