Michael Joyce
1 September 2001

Joe Amato
Training Missions
1 September 2001

gasoline all over/ the carpet/ furniture, even/ our genitals

Martha Conway
Everything after That
15 July 2001

I was told to distance myself from my family.

Adrienne Eisen
Winter Break
15 May 2001

"That was nice. Was there blood?"

data][h!][bleeding texts
15 March 2001

/me had to stop for a second (just a second!).

-][selec][text: co][deP][l][oetry] _
1 March 2001

Noah Wardrip-Fruin, a.c.chapman, Brion Moss,
Duane Whitehurst

The Impermanence Agent
15 February 2001

Hypermedia and Eternal Life.

Jeff Parker
A Long Wild Smile
15 January 2001

The next morning was bath day.



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